Chris Maxcer

chris maxcerI’m a writer, first and foremost, and a doer second. Not quite a kickass doer yet, but I’m working on it. In fact, maybe I’m more than one person. At the very least I’m interested in — and like to do — a lot of different things. And this is one key reason (among many, I’m sure) that I could never be a guy like Steve Jobs or Tim Cook — they both have an astounding focus on a very narrow goal, and to achieve that goal means they have to sacrifice so very much: family, friends, backpacking trips to wild and quiet places. You know, the stuff of life.

Right here, right now, I’m an Apple technology enthusiast. I’ve been using Apple products since the Apple IIe and have been working on Apple products ever since, most every day, to do various jobs. And because of that, I have a deep appreciation for their visionary creation.

But there’s more than Apple writing, more than technology and business content — there’s fiction, too. Stories. I’ve been a reader since the 3rd grade, and I first read Peter Benchley’s JAWS in the 5th grade. I’m telling you, when a shark eats a skinny-dipping woman within the first few pages, it’s a pretty good hook. I never read many romance novels, but in high school a good friend of mine was kind enough to read me “the good parts.”

It wasn’t until I listened to a guy named Ron Carlson read a short story to a packed crowd in college that I woke up and realized people write stories on purpose, not just pulp fiction, not just the old folks who wrote the classics we studied in English class, but stories for today, that capture moments, experiences and the core of fights. The complications of life. His short story? “Bigfoot Stole My Wife.”

As for my fiction, I’ve published a handful of short stories in small journals, but they haven’t been available online — until now. I’ve packaged up three into an ebook on Amazon: If They Mistake the Moon for the Sun. If you like them — Amazon Kindle only so far — please review them. If you don’t, send me an email rant and get it out of your system — I can appreciate a well-crafted insult almost as much as sincere praise. <g>