If you’re a rough and tumble iPhone 6 user, you’ll want to check out the LifeProof frē iPhone 6 waterproof case. In addition to shedding water, the completely sealed case shuts out dirt, dust, and snow, plus protects your iPhone from shocks.

The LifeProof frē is one of the toughest iPhone 6 cases available, but get this, it’s relatively slim, too. Which is why it’s a popular choice — waterproof, rugged, and pocketable at the same time.

LifeProof frē iPhone 6 Coverage

The frē is submersible down to two meters for one hour. Of course, dirt and mud just wash off the frē, too. What about snow? If want to use your iPhone 6 to shoot some cool slo-mo video on the ski slopes, the frē has you covered. Plus, the frē exceeds U.S. Military drop specs to protect your iPhone 6 from drops up to two meters.

The iPhone 6 Lightning port is covered with a flip open door with a rubbery seal. The headphone port is filled with an attached plastic screw with a rubber gasket. The case itself comes in two halves, front and back, that snap together. The back portion contains a bright green gasket. Just before you snap your case together — with your iPhone inside or for the recommended water test first — take a close look at this gasket. If you see any hair or debris, remove it or the case might not give you a watertight seal.

In case you’re wondering, the LifeProof frē also works with Apple’s Touch ID.

The overall fit and finish has shown some improvements over the iPhone 5/5s version I used last year. For instance, the plastic built-in screen protector seems flatter and smoother. The plastic texture seems more refined and the overall design seems just a bit more precise. The LifeProof frē is a waterproof case that doesn’t scream that it’s a waterproof case.

How Well Does the frē Work?

The big question is, of course, can you really trust the LifeProof frē to protect your iPhone 6 in the water? The answer is yes and no. For occasional dunks, I trust it totally — on the beach, in the pool, in the snow or in a mud puddle. What about swimming or snorkeling? While technically you should be safe for some light snorkeling, I’m not the guy who will risk his iPhone 6 with a waterproof case. Why? Sometimes parts wear down and things leak. I’m not going to risk losing some epic iPhone 6 vacation video because I forgot that I shouldn’t swim eight feet under to a get a better video of an eel. Or that I forgot to swim to shore after 60 minutes. (If you want to get seriously wet, your best answer is a dedicated waterproof camera — read 10 Toughest Waterproof Cameras 2015.)

What about lap swimming? Maybe. How about shooting video of your kids while standing in the middle of the waterpark pool? Definitely. Getting an underwater shot of them jumping into the pool with a swirl of bubbles? You bet. Some shots of feet wading around a river during a camping trip? Yup. Selfies from the top of Mount St. Helens in the middle of sleet and rain? Yes.

The LifeProof frē is also a great case to have if you’re a fan of extra large margaritas. (No need to explain why.)

For running in the rain so you can listen to music and ensure that your iPhone 6 is sealed off from the elements, LifeProof includes a headphone plug extension that screws into the case and uses a gasket to seal.

As you might expect with a fully-sealed case, the sound is somewhat muted. While it’s surprisingly good, your calls aren’t going to sound quite as clear — you just can’t fight the physics of sound transmission, no way around it, but hey, the core value proposition of the LifeProof frē is rugged waterproofing.

Pesky Lightning Port

If there is one annoying issue with the LifeProof frē for iPhone 6 case, it’s the opening for the Lightning port — it’s too small for most every third-party Lightning cable. It’s designed to fit the Apple Lightning cable that comes with your iPhone. Technically, it sure seems like there is enough room in the area to have manufactured a larger opening, but LifeProof choose not to. Anyway, something to be aware of.

All-in-all, the LifeProof frē for iPhone 6 is a welcome waterproof case for those who live a more adventurous lifestyle . . . or just have small children who drop things and spill liquids. It’s one of the few waterproof cases available that I actually trust to protect my iPhone 6 for some light dunking.

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  • Waterproof to 2 meters
  • Works with Touch ID
  • Slim yet rugged


  • Lightning port opening too small for third-party cables
Fit and Finish
Ease of Use
Overall Value

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