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The myCharge All Terrain+ portable charger is rubberized, rugged, and designed to be waterproof, temperature proof, dirt proof, and shock proof. If you like to play outdoors, this extra battery-charging pack is for you.

The myCharge All Terrain+ works like most other battery-based portable chargers. First, you charge it at home, in your car, or wherever by plugging in the included recharging cable to any USB power source. Next, you head out, and when you need to charge your smartphone or tablet, you simply plug that device’s USB charging cable into one of the All Terrain+ USB charging ports. Your device starts charging.

Pretty simple.

mycharge all terrain review

The All Terrain+ charger has a rubberized cap to protect the ports when not in use.

So what makes the All Terrain+ different and worthy of your attention?

First, it’s rugged. I once dropped another charger (from another brand entirely) from less than three feet. The brittle plastic case broke and something inside utterly failed. I’m not normally clumsy, but hey, stuff happens. The All Terrain+ is designed to survive most incidental drops — the IP68 military spec rating covers those sorts of shocks.

More importantly, the All Terrain+ portable charger is capable of shedding rain and ignoring dirt and sand. If you like to get outside and go to the beach, river, or out on a hike, this is important. In the past, I’ve taken other chargers along with me inside of sealable sandwich bags. It mostly works to keep out dirt and moisture, but it’s not rugged.

Still, there is something to be said for the sweet rubberized texture and the simple joy of using a device that’s already able to handle what you want it to do.

The myCharge All Terrain+ is that device.

The myCharge All Terrain+ Review: How Rugged Is It?

The All Terrain+ rugged design uses an almost seamless and fully-cased rubber exterior, which is paired with a rubber cap that covers two USB ports and the microUSB input charging port. This cap has a pair of built-in gasket-like ridges on the inside, and it slips over the open ports to protect them from the elements. (Obviously, when the charger is in use, it’s not waterproof or dust proof, etc.)

To keep the cap down when it’s getting banged around inside of a backpack, myCharge uses a simple latch to hold it down.

What about indicator lights?

To know how much charge the 6000mAh battery has, four lights are built into the unit, underneath the rubber. When you push the power button, four lights indicate a full or nearly full charge. Three lights indicate a 3/4 charge, 2 lights a half charge, and 1 light a 1/4 charge.

The two USB ports use a shared 2.4 amp output, which makes the unit capable of charging most tablets, as well as charging a pair of smartphones at the same time.

How much is 6000mAh?

The iPhone 6s has a 1715 mAh battery, which means the All Terrain+ should be able to fully recharge an iPhone 6s about three times on a single All Terrain+ charge. To compare that to a tablet, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro uses a 7,306 mAh battery, which means the All Terrain+ can almost fully recharge a 9.7-inch iPad Pro — but not quite.

(If you’re really looking for a portable charger for a lot of serious tablet use, take a look at the myCharge HubUltra or RazorUltra, both of which have 12,000 mAh capacities.)

The myCharge All Terrain+ Review: Recommendations

All-in-all, I’m a fan of the ruggedized form factor of the myCharge All Terrain+. In addition, I think the 6000 mAh capacity is a sweet spot for outdoor adventurers because it offers multiple smartphone or small device recharges while keeping a relatively small and light form factor. As it turns out, myCharge also makes a smaller All Terrain with a 3,000 mAh capacity if you want a lighter option.

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