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The Doc Artisan Leather Card Case for iPhone 6 is a slim and simple wallet case — but it’s not a traditional wallet case that folds. No, the Doc Artisan Case for iPhone 6 is a minimalist leather case that also has two card slots built into the backside. If you’re taking Apple Pay to extremes and just need to slip in a driver’s license and a bit of cash, the Doc Artisan Case for iPhone 6 might be the answer to your go-light desires.

Unlike the rest of the Doc Artisan wallet case lineup, there is no folding wallet, and there are no magnets. So what’s left? The basics. A slim polycarbonate case sheathed with genuine leather with two built-in card slots. The leather is glued or fused to the polycarbonate case and the whole thing just does its job.

While it might not be right for everyone, I can see using this card case while traveling. I would plan on using Apple Pay primarily but slip in a credit card, driver’s license, and a bit of cash, enabling me to hit the city for a business dinner followed by drinking at some interesting-but-not-yet-annoying swanky bar. The Doc Artisan Leather Card Case is pocketable but ready enough for helping me buy my way back to my hotel room.

leather card case iphone 6

The Doc Artisan Leather Card Case for iPhone 6 features two card slots.

And if you’re not traveling on business, the whole premise still works.

Inside the Doc Artisan Leather Card Case for iPhone 6

This card case is dirt-simple, so there’s not much to talk about here. How about the craftsmanship then? It’s good. The stitching is decent — far better than average and bordering on excellent — and the leather looks and feels like decent leather that will age and scuff appropriately. Doc Artisan says it’s “full-grain Italian vegetable tanned leather.

All-in-all, I’m a big fan of Doc Artisan, and at just $30, the Doc Artisan Card Case for iPhone 6 is a screaming deal, crafted with the real character of leather and available in black, brown, or tan.


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