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The iPhone 6 Plus users of the world might be an iPhone minority, but they know what they want, and big screens are it. (But I must say, I am personally jealous of the optical image stabilization in the iPhone 6 Plus.)

If you’re packing an iPhone 6 Plus, you might as well try to trim down everything else, too, and a good way to do that is to go with a wallet case combo. Enter the Doc Artisan Wallet Case for iPhone 6 Plus.

Doc Artisan Wallet Case for iPhone 6 Plus Review

Where the smaller Doc Artisan wallet cases for the iPhone 6 force you to really think about what you’re going to carry in your wallet case, the iPhone 6 Plus version gives you four card slots plus two larger cash or miscellaneous slots. You can easily carry a driver’s license, two credit cards, an insurance card, some cash, receipts, and if you’re really a good consumer, some old-school store loyalty cards.

Me, if I had an iPhone 6 Plus — and I don’t — I would slip a band-aid and some dental floss into this wallet case, too. Why? I like to be prepared.

But the point is, as I hold this case and consider it’s pros and cons, it’s basically all pros: The leather feels fantastics, the stitching is great, and the craftsmanship has that perfect blend of precision that makes you believe that these cases were created by people who actually cared about the end result.

Magnetic Personality

Like all the Doc Artisan “wallet” cases, this case features built-in magnets and two parts to the case system. There is the main folding wallet case, which has card and cash slots, as well as the slim leather iPhone case, which has hidden magnets that connect to the folding wallet case. This design is ingenious because it lets you take your iPhone out of the wallet case in order to simply spend some quality time with your iPhone . . . or just go light. It’s the best of two worlds — the integrated wallet world and the iPhone-only world.

Available in tan or black leather, the Doc Artisan Wallet Case for iPhone 6 Plus is easy to recommend.

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* Still here? If the Doc Artisan isn’t quite right for you, check out “15 Best Wallet Cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus” for some alternatives.

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