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Now that so many retail outlets accept Apple Pay, getting a wallet case for your iPhone 6 is even more compelling — why not simplify your life by ditching the thick old-school wallet that carries things you really don’t need? With an iPhone 6 wallet case, you can carry most everything you need while out and about.

Enter the Doc Artisan Wallet Case for iPhone 6. Doc Artisan is an iPhone accessory maker out of California who produces a range of cool hand-crafted accessories, including driftwood docks, and of course, genuine leather wallet cases.


The Doc Artisan Wallet Case for iPhone 6.

The craftsmanship is superb, the leather is fantastic, and the price is so reasonable for the level of quality, any of the Doc Artisan wallet cases slip into best buy territory. And yet, there is still one wicked feature that makes all the difference: magnets.

The Doc Artisan Wallet Case for iPhone 6 uses an ingenious placement of magnets to let you have a single integrated wallet case that also lets you pull off your iPhone and use it with slim leather case, giving you the best of two worlds: an all-in-one wallet case with the ability to go light at a moment’s notice.

Let’s take a closer look.

Review: Doc Artisan Wallet Case for iPhone 6

The Doc Artisan Wallet Case for iPhone 6 is a basic leather folding wallet. On the left side, it has three card slots, suitable for credit cards, a driver’s license, or even an insurance card. You could fold up a check or a bit of cash, of course, but the three slots are designed for cards. Underneath the card slots, there’s a larger slot for case or receipts or whatever.

On the right side, there is nothing but some slim and strong embedded magnets. To insert your iPhone into this wallet case, you first insert it into the separate slim leather case, which, by the way, looks good all on it’s own. Plus, it’s slim enough to slip into a front jean pocket but also gives you the great feeling grip of real leather.

This slim case also has built-in magnets. To integrate it with the wallet portion, just put it down on the right side and boom, you’re ready to go. It’s dirt-simple easy and surprisingly satisfying to use.


Magnets in the backside of the slim case attach to the right side of the wallet portion.

It’s just great design at its best, and as near as I can tell, the guys at Doc Artisan were one of the first case producers to utilize magnets. Maybe not the first, but early enough know the perfect blend of magnetic power. In case you’re wondering, is it possible to open up this wallet case and accidentally let your iPhone drop to the ground? Not really. But it is possible — you just have to work at it by flipping it open with extreme anger or recklessness. What about while your drunk on margaritas? Maybe, but probably not. (This sound like a good excuse for a test.)

The point is, the magnets work great.

As for colors, you can choose from black, brown, vegan blue, vegan green, or tan. And because this is genuine leather we’re talking about, the case still looks like leather . . . wait a second, what about the vegan leather? I’m not sure what base material the vegan leather options are made out of (not cowhide) but they still feel fantastic and they don’t smell. Let’s put it this way: You might have to be a leather aficionado or expert to tell identify the vegan leather as man-made. It’s surprisingly good.


Bottom line? This is a quality case with a great price-to-value ratio.

Moving on. There is a only one downside to the Doc Artisan Artisan Wallet Case for iPhone 6, well, actually, two downsides. The first is that this case’s official name is Artisan Wallet Case for iPhone 6, which means if you insert the producer’s name in front of it, it’s seems redundant, as in, the Dock Artisan Artisan Wallet Case for iPhone 6. Anyway, if you want the case in this review and the one pictured in the photos, you want the “Artisan Wallet Case for iPhone 6” model.

And the other downside? To take a photo, you have to remove your iPhone from the folding wallet case (but you can still take photos with the slim case installed). On the upside, this construction ensures clean lines on the overall case itself. Pros and cons. If you want to snap a photo with the entire package together, you’ll want to choose the Doc Artisan Sport Case for iPhone 6.


The Doc Artisan Wallet Case has excellent fit and finish.

To sweeten the deal, Doc Artisan includes a separately installable screen protector. Since I almost always use a screen protector — even though I like the naked feel of iPhone 6 glass — it’s not needed, but nice to have, especially if you’ve got a new iPhone that you need to outfit.

All-in-all, the Doc Artisan Artisan Wallet Case for iPhone 6 is a damn fine wallet case. Seriously good. It’s an easy one for me to recommend. Because it includes a detachable slim case, you’re not stuck with the wallet form factor. I like that. If you like to keep your options open, a Doc Artisan wallet case is a good choice.

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Still not convinced? If premium leather and hidden magnets aren’t for you, I would be remiss not to point out some polycarbonate alternatives. Check out “15 Best Wallet Cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.”

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