Incipio’s offGRID Express battery case for the iPhone 6 boasts a big 3000mAh battery that’s capable of fully recharging a spent iPhone 6 — and then some. The black matte case snaps together around your iPhone 6, giving you some protection while also maintaining a relatively slim profile.

The Incipio offGRID Express feels good in the hand. It’s balanced and slips into and out of a jean pocket with ease — despite the extra bulk the battery naturally introduces.

It features side button covers that look good and feel good. As with all battery cases, the bottom portion of the case extends beyond the home button, covering up the Lightning port, microphone, the headphone port, and the speaker. The microphone and speaker are open via small cutouts, which didn’t seem to affect the mic at all. As for the speaker, I think the design actually enhances the loudness, which is most noticeable when you’re watching a video without headphones.

incipit battery case iphone 6

The Incipio offGRID Express battery case for iPhone 6 packs a 3,000 mAh battery into a relatively slim profile.

As for the headphone port, Incipio ships along a headphone extender.

To install the case, simply slide your iPhone 6 onto the built-in Lightning plug then snap the top plastic rim around the iPhone. It locks the iPhone into place and gives it a slightly raised bezel for a bit of screen protection. The entire unit, then, is firmly connected and feels solid. If you want to use a screen protector — which is highly recommended, particularly one of the sweet new glass screen protectors — you’ll have plenty of room to install it. On the downside, you’re going to notice the seam of the case alongside the edge of the screen protector, so you’re giving up the iPhone 6’s profile in favor of increased protection.

Charging the Incipio offGRID Express iPhone 6 Battery Case

You can both charge and sync your iPhone using the included micro-USB cable. Works great as you would expect, but what’s nice is that the Incipio logo is formed into both ends — which is handy when you’re packing for a trip and trying to grab the right black cable.

iphone 6 battery case incipit

The Incipio’s offGRID Express for iPhone 6 black matte case material is smooth without being slippery.

Like most cases, if you plug it in to charge, it will charge your iPhone first to 100 percent before it starts charging the battery case. Five small white LED lights blink along the bottom as it charges, giving you an indication of how far along the charge is until it’s full. Similarly, by pushing the power button on the case, the number of LED lights will tell you approximately how much of a charge is in the case — three lights would indicate something between 60 and 80 percent, for example.

Push and hold the power button and the Incipio battery case will start charging your iPhone — just like if you have plugged it into a wall.

Worth the Weight?

The tradeoff with any battery case is the extra bulk and weight. By adding a bit of weight and size to your iPhone, though, you’ll gain peace of mind. The biggest benefit of the Incipio offGRID Express is that you can walk out the door in the morning and know that you’ll have enough battery power to get through a long day.

And the price? I only consider a handful of companies when it comes to battery cases that I’ll be slipping into my front pocket, and Incipio is offering a high-quality case at a retail price of $79.99, which is about $20 less than the cost of what I consider its core competitors. Better yet, I’ve seen it drop down below $60 at Amazon, making it a fantastic deal for an Apple-certified battery case.

All-in-all, the Incipio offGRID Express does what you need and expect — it delivers more than a full charge in a slim case with smooth lines that looks good, feels good, and works exactly like it should.

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  • 3000 mAh battery offers approximately 120% iPhone 6 recharge
  • Black matte finish looks and feels good
  • Super sturdy


  • Power button protrudes slightly (but did NOT accidentally activate charging while in various pockets)
  • Raised bezel could provide more protection for clumsy users
Battery power
Fit and finish
Cost-to-Value Ratio
Weight and Profile

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