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If you want to combine a rugged iPhone case with the versatility of a wallet case, the Urban Armor Gear (UAG) Trooper case should be on your shortlist. The UAG Trooper case series is designed for the iPhone 6/6s as well as the iPhone 6/6s Plus.

As a dual-purpose case, the UAG Trooper gives you military-grade drop protection with a spot to hold up to four cards — could be credit cards, driver’s license, insurance cards, cash, etc. Stack four credit cards together and that’s about how much room you have to work with.

The UAG Trooper Case Review

Let’s talk about the rugged design first. The dual-layer case is lightweight and consists of a harder outer shell combined with a softer core. The raised bezel area lets you place your iPhone face down so the screen doesn’t touch, and it leaves enough room for pretty much any screen protector. The four corners get some extra coverage, of course.

Instead of the straightforward — and distinctive — ruggedized design that’s standard on UAG’s other cases, the back of the Trooper series looks similar but also contains a door. Flip it open and there’s a spot for a credit card, a driver’s license, and a bit of cash. The door is sturdy and latches securely.

Is the door hidden? Not exactly. It’s not something most people will notice at a glance, but anyone paying attention could tell that it’s there. Either way, anyone wanting a wallet case for their smartphone probably isn’t planning on passing their phone around unattended.

How about bulk?

Fortunately the UAG Trooper case is very lightweight, which helps mitigate the bulk. Remember, though, you’re reading this because you’re looking for a rugged case that will remove the need for a wallet, so you’re not going to get a super-slim case. Let’s put it this way: The value of having the spot for some cards and cash outweighs the few extra millimeters its design uses.

How does it look and feel in person?

If the rugged design appeals to you — and frankly, I think UAG has nailed this for all of its cases, especially the Feather-Light Composite in Magma — the materials and craftsmanship hold up in person. The price-to-quality ratio is really good on UAG cases, and the Trooper is no exception.

As for the camera cutout and ports, there is plenty of room for the camera, plenty of room for the ports. Overall, the UAG Trooper is just a solid, good-looking rugged wallet case. Can’t go wrong with it, really, and it’s easy to recommend.

It’s available in three colors — black, white, and orange, which is a rust sort of color.

Oh, one more thing: UAG also makes the Trooper series case for the popular Samsung Galaxy S7.

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