The Best ‘iWatch’ Concept I’ve Seen Yet

Smartwatches are currently chugging along with some viable options . . . but I’ve seen none so far that would prompt me to pay hundreds of dollars and wear any of them day in and day out. I’ve considered some of the red-hot fitness bands, which are selling pretty well, it turns out, but I’m not overly interested in measuring my activity or workouts. I’m pretty much either sitting at my desk or being very active, and I’d rather be finding ways to do more things than counting steps or calories.

And yet, I’m not immune to the power of a good watch, particularly one that promises to ease my life, provide some interesting features, and is a work of art. Skeptical but not immovable. Enter Todd Hamilton’s iWatch concept design . . . it’s the first Apple “iWatch” mockup that seriously made me pause and consider it on my own wrist. As you can see, it’s a fantastic visualization of a fitness band — which, by the way, would do away with the need to create a large-faced “watch” that would fight with everyone’s individual fashion sensibilities.

Better still, the concept takes into account the rumors around curved glass that Apple has supposedly been developing.

My only quibble is that I’d prefer an oblong sort of shape that would be more at home on my wrist — not anything that would leave too much of a gap between my wrist and the band. And it should not spin freely on my wrist. So big round bracelets are out.

Still. Todd Hamilton. Nice. Very nice.

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