Apple’s ginormous media event is shaping up for the unveiling of the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6, as well as the wearable ‘iWatch’ that Apple has been secretly working on for years. Both of these products are widely expected, based on rumor and educated speculation. Let’s put it this way: The evidence pointing to their imminent official announcement is far stronger than evidence for Big Foot, aliens, and ghosts — and a lot of people believe in at least one of those.

More importantly, Apple plans to live stream the media event so mere mortals can watch, too — and is promoting the fact on its home page and on a live event page with a countdown timer teaser.

Set your calendar for 10 a.m. Pacific Time on September 9 because the event is promising to be groundbreaking. Why?

Obviously the highly anticipated iPhone 6 with a larger screen is key, but iOS 8 is coming with new features that imply goodness for consumers, not the least of which could be a new mobile payment system that will let your iPhone act like a wallet. How this is delivered is up in the air, but some rumors say Apple has gotten all the major credit card providers on board. Meanwhile, Apple first announced HomeKit and HealthKit to app developers at its WWDC conference earlier this summer, but there is a damn good chance we’re going to see how these unifying systems can work for consumers.

What’s With the Big Temporary Building?

Apple moved this announcement from its smaller and more traditional venue to a new place — the Flint Center in Cupertino, which holds about 3,000 people. In addition, Apple is building some sort of two-story windowless temporary building next to the Flint Center. It will likely be used to show off Apple’s new products in some way. My guess? I’m thinking some hands-on demonstrations of HomeKit — which makes home automation products easy to use with iOS devices — as well as some hands-on demonstration of HealthKit or Apple’s new Health app or Apple’s new iWatch wearable device.

Or it could just be a spot for the media attendees to simply touch and hold Apple’s new products.

There’s a chance that Apple could also reveal a new iPad model — some rumors speculate a gold version, Touch ID, and a glare-free screen. iPads could also wait until October, and if Apple does unveil any new MacBooks this year, Apple’s announcement rhythms and availability of an Intel Broadwell-based processor make an October announcement more likely.

As for the so-called iWatch, new rumors are speculating that it will boast a flexible, sapphire glass covered screen, a heart-rate monitor, 8GB of onboard storage, wireless charging, other biometric sensors, and a clock. Just kidding. Of course it will keep time.

Any wild cards? Definitely. Who knows what Apple is going to show us about its next-generation iPhone and iPad Apple-developed processors, which is one reason why I’m hoping to see a refreshed Apple TV, too. I would especially like it if the Apple TV worked with HomeKit and third-party products.

Either way, you can watch it all unfold live from your own Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, or Mac on September 9.

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