Wall Street Is Missing at Least 3 Reasons Why Apple Is Far From Rotten

If we’re lucky, Tim Cook will be able to mostly ignore the unappeasable expectations of Wall Street, the analysts of which don’t really care about Apple or the world — just the stock price. Problem is, the stock doesn’t reflect the company, and when companies elevate pleasing stockholders to the number one mission, they inevitably start sucking wind. As for Apple, there’s only one way the company can succeed, and that’s by making awesome products that make customers happy. In the last earnings call, Cook said three things that I don’t think are getting enough attention:

  1. Marketshare preservation is not a priority — making the best products is always the priority.
  2. Apple doesn’t fear cannibalization.
  3. Apple’s product pipeline is “chock full” of “incredible stuff.”

For a closer look, including the passion I heard in Cook’s voice as he spoke about the elusive “Apple TV,” check out “The 3 Things Wall Street’s Missing About Apple.”

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