Craigslist Junkies Rejoice: Mokriya Transforms Cruddy Mobile Experience into Photo-Friendly Catalog


The Mokriya app for using Craigslist transforms the mobile experience to something closer to a well-loved catalog.

I’ll hit Craigslist hard for weeks or months at a time when I’m on the prowl for something particular, like an old XR650L. Eventually, I’ll find it. The trouble with Craigslist, though, is that the online mobile classified ad juggernaut most consistently rewards the fastest potential customers. If you spot a good deal, you better be ready to move on it or it’ll be gone before you call. So what do you do when you’re out and about on a weekend adventure? When you’re stuck at some event or place in line? A new app from Mokriya will help make browsing and searching your Craigslist ads easier on the go, and dare I say it, even enjoyable.

There’s only one problem, though, and that’s the copious use of purple accents. Purple. If you can get past that, you’ll like Mokriya craigslist app. For more detail, here’s my full review of Mokriya craigslist app.

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