Launch Center Pro Amps Up Actions in iOS 7

Launch Center Pro by Contrast Apps is shaking out to be one of my favorite new apps — and I haven’t even come close to using all its capabilities. That’s ok with me, though, because it’s speeding up some of my most common, repeated actions on my iPhone.

Now I can choose to call someone, message someone, or email them from a single spot — I sort of launch right into what I want.

One feature I didn’t expect to like is the Search launch — with a tap and a swipe I can quickly dive into searching Google, Twitter, Wikipedia, Yelp, or even the Amazon Kindle Store. Since I read from both Amazon and Apple — I’m especially liking the Kindle Store search.

Meanwhile, Launch Center Pro works around the tech concept of URL schemes, and when apps support them, you can create actions form Launch Center Pro that dive more deeply into an app so you don’t have to launch the app and then navigate into it to do something. If you understand URL schemes, you can do things like create a launch button that takes the photo you last took on your Camera app and use it to post to Twitter via Tweetbot.

What do I really want? I’d like to be able to launch into iRadio playlists from Launch Center Pro, maybe even a playlist with songs on my iPhone. Alas, that action doesn’t yet seem to be supported.

For more detail, check out my full review at MacNewsWorld.

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