Qwiki Is an Awesome Vid Clip Production Tool that’s Stuck in Social Media Muck

Qwiki app for iOS

Qwiki app for iOS lets you turn photos and videos into slick little video montages.

Qwiki is an app that lets you turn photos and videos on your iPhone into crazy sweet movies. A tap or two and boom, Qwiki does all the editing and the transitions and adds a soundtrack via your iTunes songs. The output is really amazing. Sure, it might flub something by using a blurry photo, but it’s easy enough to remove the offending photo, replace it, or tweak a bit of video. You can even add transitional text. As a short movie-making tool, I could gush about it for at least another 500 words. It has a flaw, though, and it’s mired in the idea that everything needs to be a social media app, a social media platform, a social media something something something that some big company will have to acquire for millions of bucks.

In order to share a Qwiki, you pretty much have to expose it to the world. Not cool. If you could create videos with it . . . and then share privately to your friends and family only, that would be nice. Or save the final output to your Camera Roll, which would let you post, share, or keep it in other ways. Fortunately, the Qwiki team mentioned on their site that saving to the Camera Roll might be a feature they’ll add.

All-in-all, if you have a hard time compiling all the photos and video from an outing into something cool and shareable, Qwiki is worth a look. Here’s a closer look at Qwiki in my review for MacNewsWorld.

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