Shadow Puppet iOS App Review: Narrate Over Photos

Shadow Puppet is a super easy-to-use app that lets you take photos, narrate over the top of them, and generate a video to share. Sounds simple enough, right? It is, but the results are fantastic. Photos invite people to talk about them — like a teleprompter for real people — and if you want to share a weekend trip, you can add nuance to the experience. Have a funny anecdote that gives the background details behind the guy who was chased into a lake by a moose? You can talk about it and share the story.

For kids, it’s even better. If grandma is on the other side of the world and can’t make a birthday party, don’t send her a bunch of boring video with lulls in the action, let your kid tell her what happened through a series of photos instead with Shadow Puppet. You’ll capture a whole new perspective.

This app is definitely worth checking out. Read my full review at MacNewsWorld.

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