Swipe Fail in the iTunes 11 Store Carousel?

I keep trying to swipe left and right to move the iTunes 11 featured item carousel. That doesn’t work. You have to click the right or left arrows. Damn.

I gave a first-impressions review of the new iTunes 11 in MacNewsWorld, “iTunes 11: I Want to Be More Impressed Than I Am,” and my first impressions are holding true so far. I must admit, I’m getting better and faster at the new navigation schemes, though I regularly open up the old-school sidebar. One thing that’s still tripping me up is the carousel teaser at the top of the iTunes store — I keep trying to swipe my way through it. Of course, you can’t swipe with the MacBook Pro trackpad, and you can’t swipe with the Magic Mouse.

If you want to get those pesky teasers to move back to what you just saw . . . or make them go faster . . . you have to click the bottom arrow buttons.

Click. Click. Click.


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