The Room Is a Surprisingly Fun and Moody Puzzle Game

I don’t play a lot of games on my iPhone, iPad, or even on the Xbox 360 any more, but every now and then something will catch my eye. The latest? The Room, a game for the iPad. It’s astoundingly fun, a bit of challenge, and a bit dark. I rated a 5-star game in my review, and I’m not the only one: 100,000 or so users rated it five stars, too. That’s crazy. Meanwhile, The Room. Your job is to unlock a puzzle safe, then open up a pointy box inside the safe, then crack that, and so on. The puzzles are secret panels, codes, and levers that you must notice and interact with as you examine each “box.” There’s an underlying story that goes along with the puzzles — you know, secret powers of the universe and such. Depending on your focus and skill, it’ll probably take two-to-fours hours to complete.

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