The Team Behind Myst Offers Up Obduction on Kickstarter

Twenty years ago, a game called Myst hit the Mac and took off to become one of the bestselling games of all time. It expanded to a variety of platforms, despite the slow and moody game play of an exploratory puzzle mystery. The guys behind Myst followed with Riven, and now they are using Kickstarter to fund a new indie game called Obduction. Their small company, Cyan, will produce it.

And the story?

Another immersive exploratory mystery puzzle game, of course, but in this one you’re abducted to a place across the universe for unknown reasons — reasons that you’ll figure out as you play the game.

You can expect incredible scenes, puzzles, mystery, and a compelling storyline.

To learn more, check out the Kickstarter campaign or my full article at MacNewsWorld.

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