September 18, 2014 — One of the things I appreciate about Amazon’s tablets, games, and content is how well the company understands parents and kids. Amazon offers parental controls that far outpace Apple’s iPad settings, and Amazon seems to understand that more than one person in a family is going to touch an iPad . . . and should therefore have a different experience.

Along that line, Apple has introduced a jaunty new tablet to its Kindle Fire lineup, the Fire HD Kids Edition. It comes with an unprecedented worry-free guarantee: If your kids manage to break it, Amazon will replace it free, no questions asked.

This means if you kid takes it to the county fair and drops it into a pile of pig poop while trying to take farm photos and breaks it, Amazon will replace it. For up to two years. Talk about peace of mind. Thank you Amazon.

“Fire HD Kids Edition is a real tablet, not a toy,” notes Peter Larsen, Vice President, Amazon Devices. “Kids break things, so we added a 2-year, no-questions-asked, worry-free guarantee. Plus, you’ll never be surprised by a bill—it comes with a year of FreeTime Unlimited, which includes over 5,000 books, movies, TV episodes, educational apps, and games at no additional cost.”

That’s right, in addition to the breakage, the new tablet comes with free kid-friendly content.

The Fire HD Kids Edition starts at $149 for a 6-inch tablet and $189 for a 7-incher.

In fact, even an iPad-toting parent might want to take a look at this and consider it: If Apple won’t give you real parental controls — and if your kids clamor into your lap whenever you try to read some email on your iPad — you might be able to reclaim your own household iPad for as little as $149. . . .

Inside the Fire HD Kids Edition

Amazon says the Fire HD Kids Edition features a quad-core processor but doesn’t detail the specs. It features front and rear-facing cameras, an HD display, and Dolby Digital audio. The outer edges are what appear to be a rubberized sort of kid-proof case offered in three bright colors, blue, green, or pink.

The Fire HD Kids Edition will ship in October, but you can preorder it now at Amazon.

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