The Ethic WINGStand may be the best way to use a full-size Apple-quality physical keyboard easily with an iPad or iPhone.

If you want to do some serious typing on an iOS device, you probably know you need a physical keyboard to do it. The problem with many keyboard cases for the iPad is cramped keys — to fit the size of the iPad Air 2 (or other iPad), the keyboard must be compressed so that when you type, your hands are closer together than usual. Consequently, even with high-quality keyboards with keys that have perfect compression, there is a learning curve to typing on a smaller, less traditional Apple-sized keyboard. I’ve got big hands, so there’s a learning curve for me — and it’s just less comfortable over the long haul.

Enter the WINGStand, which is a pair of plastic clips that snap onto the rounded back edge of Apple’s standard Apple Wireless Keyboard. This keyboard is small, light, and made with a robust aluminum frame. It has the excellent key response of Apple’s keyboards, and it is Bluetooth-enabled for wireless pairing to devices like an iPad or iPhone.

So what we have here is a portable full-size keyboard that — when you use the handy WINGStand clips — lets you type on your iPad or iPhone with ease.

Interestingly, the WINGStand clips have been available for three years . . . and they’re still doing a heckuva good job. Apple keeps making iPads and Apple keeps making the same wireless keyboard.

WINGStand in Use

The WINGStand is meant for use on a solid surface so that you can tap on your iPad screen and have it remain sturdy. You could use these on your lap, but you have to position the stand clips on your knees perfectly. If you want to type on your iPad on the couch, you really need a book or piece of wood a little larger than the keyboard to set it on for stability.

But for travel? The clips are small and the Apple Wireless Keyboard is light and small enough to slip into a backpack with ease.

The only downside to the WINGStand solution is that you need an Apple Wireless Keyboard. If you already have one — swipe the one that came with your iMac if you’re traveling — or invest in one. [See also: “Should I Buy an iMac and iPad or Just a MacBook Pro or Air”]

Because I already have such a keyboard, the WINGStand gets me into iPad typing on a full-size keyboard at a low price point — and I don’t have to worry about investing in a keyboard case now that won’t fit my next iPad.

In fact, the WINGStand clips are wide and adjustable enough to hold most any touchscreen device, even with a case installed.

Of course, you could buy some other stand for your iPad or iPhone and still use your Apple Wireless Keyboard — or any iOS compatible Bluetooth keyboard.

The point of the WINGStand, though, is to let you use an Apple Wireless Keyboard in a super-simple way.

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  • Inexpensive
  • Small and portable
  • Adjustable down to iPhones


  • Requires a sturdy surface
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