The first 10 best gift ideas for iPhone lovers is all well and good, but wow, in 2014 there’s a lot of great gift options for iPhone users that just shouldn’t be left out. Some are small enough to be stocking stuffers, too, and these 11 new recommendations cover everything from home security to getting far outside and off the beaten track — and everything in between, like the backyard barbecue.

Some gifts for iPhone lovers use apps to control the gadget, and some also work with Android smartphones — but not all, so make sure you look at cross-platform options if you need that. Either way, your iPhone owner will know how to get the app.

11 More Best Gifts for iPhone Lovers:

1. SkyBell WiFi Doorbell with Motion Sensor

skybell wifi doorbell gift idea

SkyBell WiFi Doorbell with Motion Sensor

The SkyBell WiFi Doorbell with Motion Sensor lets you answer the door remotely via your iPhone — as well as see, hear, and speak to the visitor, right from your iOS device (Android, too). Once a person pushes the doorbell, it starts a video feed over WiFi, 4G, or LTE. Plus, you can snap a photo or record a video stream directly to your device. The SkyBell also includes a motion sensor, but as of this writing, SkyBell had not yet updated the gadget with the feature (but claims it’s coming soon). Once activated, it should alert you to visitors who don’t push the doorbell button. This little gadget has a lot of promise if your existing doorbell is located in a good position with reasonable sight lines. Check out the SkyBell WiFi Doorbell at Amazon.

2. Nova Off-Camera Wireless Flash for iPhone

nova wireless flash gift idea iphone

Nova Off-camera Wireless Flash for iPhone

The Nova Off-Camera Wireless Flash for iPhone lets you illuminate your subject with soft, natural light created from 40 points of diffused light that’s gentle on the eyes. You can mix the warm and cool LEDs to create the desired type of light. Works fantastic for low-light situations, and can even take your night portrait photos to a whole new level of awesomeness. Because the flash is not attached to the iPhone, you can hold it out and move it around to get the lighting angles you want. Great for any iPhone user who’s into iPhone photography. Check out the Nova Off-Camera Wireless Flash for iPhone at Amazon.

3. Bushnell Bear Grylls SolarWrap Mini USB Charger

bushnell solarwrap gift idea

Bushnell Bear Grylls SolarWrap Mini USB Charger

The Bushnell Bear Grylls SolarWrap Mini USB Charger lets your outdoor-loving iPhone owners travel off the grid and still enjoy reading a book, watching a movie, or taking time lapse photos of stunning vistas as the sun sets over their tents pitched by the side of a mountain lake. Plus, if you lose power due to an ice storm or some other natural disaster, you’ll at least have the option of harnessing energy from the sun. The 2200mAh battery charges in four hours from a USB power source or 10 hours from the sun. Check out the Bushnell Bear Grylls SolarWrap Mini USB Charger at Amazon.

4. Battery Case

i-blason battery case gift idea

i-Blason iPhone 6 Battery Case

If you know your iPhone lover is having a hard time keeping their iPhone charged all day — and they aren’t going to upgrade into a new iPhone anytime soon, a battery case is the easiest way to help them out. Only a handful of battery case options are on the market for the iPhone 6 (Trianium Atomic S and i-Blason iPhone 6 Battery Case) but there’s several excellent options for iPhone 5/5s owners. I’m a huge fan of the versatility of the TYLT Energi Sliding Case (coming soon for iPhone 6), but Mophie’s battery cases are excellent, too. Check out iPhone 6 Battery Cases or iPhone 5/5s Battery Cases at Amazon.

5. Arm Band

belkin minisuit armband iphone gift

Belkin Minisuit SPORTY Armband + Key Holder

The days of leaving your iPhone behind to go work out with a little iPod model are fading fast, and with Apple’s HealthKit and all the health-focused apps available now, exercising with an iPhone is becoming standard practice. Enter the arm band. Try the Belkin Sport-Fit Armband for iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus — or any Belkin armband for the iPhone 5/5s, etc. They use comfortable neoprene with excellent fit and finish at a reasonable price. More importantly, with an armband is a catalyst to help a person workout and use health apps, so you’re giving the gift of better health in addition to something to unwrap. Check out Belkin Arm Bands on Amazon.

6. Bike Mount

satechi bike mount gift idea

Satechi Universal Holder & Mount

Like an arm band, a good bike mount will be appreciated by cyclists. With GPS speedometers, maps, and even training apps on iPhones these days, a bike mount will turn an iPhone into more of a partner than just a fancy texting gadget. Rokform produces a high-quality mounting system that includes both plastic and aluminum cases. Better yet, Rokform produces small mounts for your car, too. So if you use a Rokform case, you can use a variety of high-quality Rokform mounts, too. What about a universal alternative that fits all sorts of smartphones, with or without other kinds of cases? Try the affordable and highly-rated Satechi Universal Holder & Mount. Check out Rokform mounts and cases at Amazon or the Satechi Universal Holder & Mount.

7. MacBook Air or Pro

macbook air buying guide

MacBook Air

With the larger screened iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, having an iPad isn’t necessarily a necessary addition for an iPhone love anymore. But a Mac? If it’s in your budget, you can’t go wrong with a new MacBook Air or Pro. The 11-inch MacBook Air offers ultimate portability while the 13-inch offers a bigger screen for more working space. And the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display? It offers the best bang for you buck — 8GB of memory come standard, the processors are plenty fast, and it boasts a super-sharp Retina display. The MacBook Pro is a droolworthy gift for an iPhone owner, only bested by astounding 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display. Check out the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro or iMac with Retina 5k at Amazon.

8. WiFi Security Camera

dropcam pro gift idea

Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera

If you like to keep track of the kids or just keep track of your home and want some basic video security features without getting too paranoid, a simple but effective WiFi security camera system is the way to go. Try the Dropcam or Dropcam Pro — they work fantastic, are easy to set up, and you can manage them with an iOS app . . . or even an Android app if your iPhone lover has an Android-using partner. The only downside is that all the video is uploaded to DropCam’s cloud, which costs $10 a month. While this means you might be uploading a lot of data for no real good reason, it also means that if you’re robbed, the video is safely stored offsite. Check out the Dropcam Pro at Amazon.

9. Lightning Cables

amazon basic lightning cable gift

Amazon Basics Lightning Cable

These make great stocking stuffers because Lightning cables tend to get lost, accidentally walk away with friends or kids, or simply break. The Apple Lightning cable has the slimmest plug end but it seems more spendy than it ought to be. On the other hand, Amazon Basics are hard to beat — especially the 6-foot version, which is great for those odd locations that aren’t near an electrical outlet. Check out the Amazon Basics Lightning Cables at Amazon.

10. Touch-Capable Gloves

pearl izumi gloves iphone gift idea

Pearl Izumi Thermal Lite Gloves

Gloves that you can wear to interact with smartphone touch screens have been around for a while, but they still make great gifts because a lot of people are skeptical if they work (they do) or they hesitate to spend the money on something that isn’t 100% necessary. Which is why you’re here. Try the Pearl Izumi Thermal Lite Glove for mild weather or the Timberland Ribbed Knit Wool Blend Glove with Touchscreen Technology for colder weather. Check out the Pearl Izumi or the Timberland Ribbed at Amazon.

11. iDevices iGrill2

idevices grill mini

iDevices iGrill Mini

Like gloves, I know a lot of guys who barbecue who would appreciate an iDevices iGrill2 Bluetooth Connected Thermometer . . . but hesitate to buy one for themselves. Sure, it’s a gadget — in every sense of the word — but it still gets the job done: Just insert the iGrill probe into the meat and let the iPhone app track its internal temperature. Handles up to four probes (for one temperature, go with the iGrill Mini version). Check out the iDevices iGrill2 at Amazon.

Time for a Gift Card?

Still here? All right, all right . . . maybe it’s time you just picked up an iTunes Gift Card and called it good — iPhone lovers are always buying music, apps, and videos from Apple. Works with the App Store, too, in case you were wondering. Or, here’s a better option if you’re looking for an iPhone case but are dizzy with the options — get an Gift Card and let the iPhone lover choose their own case.

Of course, if you missed the 10 Best Gifts for iPhone Lovers 2014, definitely check that out, too.

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