What’s the best Apple iPhone 6 case? Totally subjective question. For me, the best cases are those that are manufactured to exacting specifications by companies who have a brand name they believe in and who invest in their reputation to deliver high-quality products because they care about who they are and what they do.

As for you, you just dropped hundreds of dollars on your iPhone 6, so now is not the time to be cheap — invest in a good case. Here’s 23 iPhone 6 cases with features ranging from hard-core drop protection to barely-there scratch protection. Some of the best tend to remain reasonably slim while protecting the rear camera as well as the curved glass edges with a raised bezel, which is important if you place your iPhone face down for privacy. If you’re not going to get a case with a raised from edge, I have recommend using a screen protector. One note: While these cases are for the iPhone 6, most manufacturers have also created versions for the iPhone 6 Plus — see also, 21 Best Cases for iPhone 6 Plus.

Best Apple iPhone 6 Cases

1. Speck Products CandyShell Grip Case

I can’t say enough good things about this case. It has a near perfect blend of slimness with military-grade drop protection. It has a raised bezel that covers the rounded edges of the front — which are slick on a naked iPhone 6 — plus it includes grippy rubber lines over a hard shell. Learn more about the CandyShell Grip Case for iPhone 6.

2. Speck Products CandyShell Case

Like the above mentioned Grip version but without the rubber grip, making it easier to slip into tight pockets. Plus, it comes in more and brighter colors, like Pomodoro Red. Same great drop protection, though, with the raised bezel so you can set your iPhone 6 facedown. Learn more about the CandyShell Case for iPhone 6.

3. OtterBox Defender Series

Coming from one of the most rugged case manufacturers, the OtterBox Defender Series is a stalwart of protective awesomeness. It’s a little bulky, but that extra protection is what the buyers are looking for. It includes a built-in screen protector as well as port covers to keep out dust and debris. It includes a belt-clip holster (if you want to use it) that doubles as a kickstand. Lots of color options, including blaze orange and Realtree camo for adventurers. Learn more about the Defender Series for iPhone 6.

4. Incipio NGP

This classic design uses a shock adsorbing polymer that is stretch and tear-resistant. A soft-shell case that is smooth but grippy. Alternate ultra-thin option: Incipio FeatherLearn more about the NGP Case for iPhone 6.

5. Incipio DualPro

This two-piece features an impact resistant Plextonium polycarbonate frame with a shock-absorbing dLAST TPE inner core. The two layers interlock to provide durable protection in a reasonably slim package. Learn more about the DualPro for iPhone 6.

6. Urban Armor Gear Composite Case

This popular case features a rough-and-tumble hard outer shell with a softer impact resistant core. Looks surprisingly good (and masculine) despite the busy shaping of the case. The black is good, but the white, silver, and orange versions are fantastic. Learn more about the Composite Case for iPhone 6.

7. Griffin Survivor Core

This deceptively simple case uses a polycarbonate back with tough TPE at the edges and corners to absorb shop, giving it 6.6 feet of drop protection onto concrete. As Griffin says, “Sleek drop protection. Tough in the corners.” If you error toward slimness but have clumsy hands, this might be the case for you. Learn more about the Survivor Core for iPhone 6.

8. Spigen Neo Hybrid Series

While Spigen is irritating for its overbearing product naming scheme on Amazon, the Neo Hybrid Series uses a combination of TPU with an aluminum frame for drop protection. It’s slim, form fitted, and the headphone port opening is oversized for compatibility with larger headphones like Beats by Dre. Buttons on aluminum version seem to work better than the plastic versions. Learn more about the Neo Hybrid Series for iPhone 6.

9. Griffin Reveal

The Reveal is an ultra-thin one-piece polycarbonate shell with an thin interior rubber lining and accents. Learn more about the Reveal for iPhone 6.

10. Spigen Air Cushion Ultra Hybrid Series

Again, Spigen needs to be slapped for the lousy naming scheme on Amazon, but the Air Cushion case itself is a best seller. It’s a basic construction that uses a hard back panel with a flexible matte edge. Learn more about the Air Cushion Ultra Hybrid Series for iPhone 6.

11. Tech21 Classic Frame

Uses D3O military-grade impact protection material, slim but durable. Manages to have a smooth finish with a good grip as well as shock absorption. Limited colors, but it has a fan base. Learn more about the Classic Frame for iPhone 6.

12. Power Support Air Jacket

This bad boy is super freaking slim. Really slim. It feels fantastic, and if you want your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus to look like an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, this is the case for you. Comes in clear, light gray, smoke, and black. This case won’t provide intense drop protection, but it’ll provide a little — scratch protection, too. Minimalists rejoice here. Learn more about the Air Jacket for iPhone 6.

13. Speck Products CandyShell Card Case

Like the other Speck Products CandyShell line noted above, the Card Case is similar but lets you securely carry up to 3 cards in the patented, side-loading slot. Military-grade drop protection with a “snappy thumb release.” Learn more about the CandyShell Card Case.

14. Body Glove ShockSuit Case

Body Glove is known in the scuba industry for scuba suits with a perfect fit, and the Body Glove brand makes cases for smartphones. Body Glove’s ShockSuit meets MIL-STD-810G Military standards and features a built in screen protector. The outside cover offers an enhanced grip and protective shock absorbent corners. Learn more about the ShockSuit Case for iPhone 6.

15. Apple Leather Case

Made by Apple, fits snuggly, hand-selected leather treated with high-quality aniline dye, has the Apple logo on it. Learn more about the Apple Leather Case for iPhone 6.

16. Apple Silicone Case

Silky, soft-touch finish of silicone, fits well. Learn more about the Apple Silicone Case.

17. Maxboost Vibrance Series

After ordering a rushed-to-market Maxboost case that failed to work with my iPhone 6’s volume buttons, Maxboost eventually sent me a new redesigned one along with a Lightning cable as a consolation for my trouble. As near as I can tell, what Maxboost usually does is provide reasonable quality at a great price and guessed on the case specs in order to get to market first. Learn more about the Maxboost Vibrance Series.

18. New Trent Trentium

This two-piece case features a TPU shell with three polycarbonate covers in black, silver, or gold in a slim profile that offers decent rugged shock protection, and it gets excellent user reviews. Learn more about the Trentium for iPhone 6.

19. Pelican ProGear Voyager

Features rubber inside a rigid polycarbonate shell for shock protection, super solid, includes a screen protector and holster that also works as a kickstand. Learn more about the ProGear Voyager Phone Case + Kickstand for iPhone 6.

20. CM4 Q Card Case

This wallet case fits three cards plus cash with a soft-touch rubber and leather-like fabric for the cards. Raised bezel lets you lay the iPhone down on its face, protecting the screen. Learn more about the Q Card Case for iPhone 6.

21. MarBlue Elite Case

Combines impact resistant polycarbonate shell with TPU rubber on the inside. Colorful geometric patterns and a solid overall design. Learn more about the Elite Case for iPhone 6.

22. X-Doria Scene Grip

A clear polycarbonate back with a durable rubber bumper that is textured into a highly grippy surface. Boasts an interesting design without going overboard. Learn more about the X-Doria Scene Grip for iPhone 6.

23. ZAGG InvisibleShield Orbit Case

This minimalist slim case encircles the iPhone with soft and durable TPU with a layer of harder polycarbonate, offering side and corner impact protection. The back is open, but the front is covered by the included ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass screen protector. Learn more about the InvisibleShield Orbit Case for iPhone 6.


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