Do you need a case for your iPhone 6? Yes, yes you do. Why? The rounded edges of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are slippery. Also, because they are so thin, it’s hard to get a good grip on the new iPhones. Sure, they feel good in the hand, but if you add a little distraction to your day . . . you’re going to drop your iPhone 6, plain and simple. At least, I’m pretty sure I will drop my iPhone 6 without a case.

I will not be entertaining the idea of a naked iPhone 6.

There is another reason why I’m recommending cases to all my iPhone 6 and 6 Plus using friends and family: The top cover glass blends into the rounded sides of the iPhone 6. It looks fantastic and makes for truly astounding fit and finish, but I don’t trust it to hold up during a fall in a parking lot. I want those edges covered, and I recommend that you buy a case that covers those edges.

While you’re at it, get a screen protector, too, because if you’re like me, the new size seems easier to fumble — read either of these: ZAGG InvisibleShield HDX for iPhone 6 Screen Protector Review . . . or 10 Best iPhone Screen Protectors for iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.

The Best Case for the iPhone 6?

There aren’t that many on the market yet that are any good. A lot of the cheap cases that hit the market first were made from companies that made guesses on the exact size and placement of the buttons. I bought one. It sucks. It barely fits and the button covers worked so poorly that the buttons were useless. I took a sharp knife and cut out the button areas. It will get me through for a couple of days until my new case arrives.

Right now, the options for immediate shipment are limited to OtterBox and Speck Products — at least, as near as I can tell right now as I check out the major (most respected) case manufacturers. I just bought a Speck Products CandyShell Grip Case for iPhone 6 — read my review here. It has rubber lines to help with grip on the outside, and I like that a lot. It does make my iPhone 6 harder to slip into and out of a pocket in jeans, but until I get used to holding it while juggling other items, I’ll want the protection.

Check out these cases from reputable manufacturers, and by all means, order one now before the hordes of iPhone 6 owners realize they need cases, too:

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