How to Repair an iPhone 6 Plus Battery or Screen: iFixit Repair Guides

iFixit is a company that cracks open gadgets of all kinds and peers inside, photographing and sharing what they find. The iPhone is no exception. Some of the first iPhones to hit the world at large find their way to iFixit for a quick teardown, often with photos posted while the teardown is in progress.

Better yet, iFixit creates detailed — free — repair guides for iPhones and other gadgets, delivering crisp images and clear instructions. Most iPhone repairs requires some special tools — spudgers and suction cups and pentalobe screwdrivers. If you need help with an iPhone 6 Plus repair, check out iFixit’s iPhone 6 Plus repair guide.

iFixit sells what you need to open up your own iPhone, and while spare parts for a broken iPhone 6 Plus might not yet be readily available, rest assured that when they are iFixit will source high-quality repair parts.

Can you tell that I like these guys?

If you’re interested in their good-for-the-world effort, check out their Self-Repair Manifesto.

The iFixit iPhone 6 Plus Repair Guide

iphone 6 plus screen repair

iFixit posts detailed guides on how to repair your iPhone 6 Plus — as well as many other gadgets.

iFixit says they have already gotten requests from “butter-fingered iPhone 6 owners” who need to repair their newly broken phones. As of right now, iFixit has posted four different repair guides:

If you run into a repair issue, make iFixit your first stop. You might find a cheaper — and more satisfying — way to fix a broken iPhone 6 or replace an aging battery than to send it in to Apple.

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