MacBook Stickers Make Customization Easy

Customization is an ironic topic when it’s associated with Apple. The company doesn’t produce many different models, and its same basic styles last for years. The result? MacBooks look like every other MacBook. Most people tend to put cases on their iPhones, and the cases are everywhere, so it’s pretty easy to customize (or differentiate) an iPhone with a case.

I once painted my MacBook Pro with a few coats of the magical rubberized Plasti Dip paint, and it looked fantastic for about two weeks before it started peeling. There’s a better way to change the look, feel, and grip.

With your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, your best bet is to put some stickers on it. But which stickers? You choose — here’s a great place to start browsing stickers. The space is wide open, and it recently got a boost from an Apple MacBook Air TV ad. Check it out for some inspiration:

As for finding your own, check out Amazon’s laptop sticker collection — you’ll even recognize some from the commercial.


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