How to Paint Your MacBook the Right Way

The silver MacBook Pro looks good, but after a while even the most ardent Apple fan can crave a little color. Me? I like black. Hard to go wrong with black. Even more to the point, I’d like a grippier feel to my MacBook Pro. The silver paint is slick.

In fact, a few months ago I took a rattle can of that miracle rubberized paint — Plasti Dip — and sprayed the cover of my MacBook Pro. Seriously, Plasti Dip is an astounding product. Everyone should get a can of it, simply so they can mess around with it in the garage. Heck, some guys “Plasti Dip” their entire cars. Just for fun, just for a change in color and texture. Anyway, when my MacBook Pro dried, it felt . . . and looked . . . fantastic. Slightly grippy in a matte black. I even cut out the glowing Apple logo. I was pleased.

For about three days.

That’s when the rubberized coating started peeling back from the edges where I pull open the display, despite an excellent multi-coat application. Then a little nick turned into a ratty little frayed rubberized scratch. (If you can stand the extra thickness, a MacBook case cover might be a better option.) So . . . and this is a Plasti Dip claim to fame . . . I peeled it all off. Took about 15 seconds. My MacBook Pro is pristine silver again.

Meanwhile, what about real paint? Real color?

Enter ColorWare

There’s a real company out there called ColorWare, which has a team of pros who are not only paint wizards, they are experts at dismantling — and reassembling — electronic gadgets: smartphones, tablets, computers, and even the Nest Learning Thermostat. To paint anything, including a MacBook, really well, you have to take it apart. Completely apart. Expose everything. Clean. Sand. You can’t make a paint job seamless unless you get all visible — and nearly visible — pieces and parts. What surprised me is that ColorWare even paints the inside of the MacBook Pro frame that no one will likely ever see again.

That’s serious craftsmanship.

So check out this video of ColorWare in action. It’s an astounding labor of love. And if you can stand the utter disassembly of your prized MacBook, consider letting them give you the color of your dreams:


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