• Versatile
  • Slim profile
  • Simple and satisfying to use


  • Requires adhesive (but which makes it versatile)
Overall Functionality
Fit and Finish
Extreme Durability

LifeProof has created an iPhone mounting system called LifeActiv. The system provides quick, sturdy mounts for bikes, cars, belts, surfboards, walls, and pretty much anything else you might want to mount your iPhone to. Better yet, the mounting system is universally compatible with most every other smartphone, too.

The LifeActiv mounting system is all about its QuickMount system, which uses a small, low-profile Adaptor that mounts into any QuickMount accessory in the LifeActiv line. The Adaptor is basically a small square with an adhesive backing that will stick to most any flat surface.

For instance, you could stick the Adaptor directly to the back of your iPhone, but most people will stick it to the back of a case instead — like the rugged waterproof LifeProof fre case or the new LifeProof FRE Power for iPhone 6 Case, which is a waterproof case and battery case all in one unit.

LifeProof currently offers a Belt Clip, Bike + Bar Mount, Suction Mount, and Multipurpose Mount. An armband mount is in the works.

How the LifeProof LifeActiv Mounting System Works

lifeproof lifeactiv mounts review

The LifeProof LifeActiv universal mounting system is easy to use, rugged, and versatile. The case in the photo is the new LifeProof FRE Power for iPhone 6.

The Adapter snaps easily into a QuickMount accessory, using a mechanical and magnetic connection. The connection is simple and provides a satisfying click when it all connects. It’s secure and surprisingly solid, especially when you consider the low profile and size. To release, turn your iPhone 90 degrees and the system easily disengages. To prevent your iPhone from getting bumped and turning 90 degrees, each mount has a small lever that can lock the system together.

As for the adhesive, it’s a 3M adhesive that adheres with 30 seconds of pressure — though LifeProof recommends that you wait 24 hours for the adhesive to set and be ready to handle your rough and tumble adventures.

To get the alignment of the little square adapter right, LifeProof includes a cardboard template that makes it easier to check your alignment before you press the Adapter into place.

The size is a little over one inch square and 3.5mm thick — so yeah, your iPhone will still be pocketable with the Adaptor installed.

The big question is this, though: Is the mounting system trustworthy? Take the Bike + Bar Mount for instance. Depending on the placement of the back Adapter on your case . . . and the positioning on your bike, the answer could be astoundingly trustworthy — or somewhat less so. Basically, there is some room for user error. If you understand physics and gravity, you might be able to break the mount if you mount the adaptor on the bottom end of your iPhone . . . and then place it on your bar so that every time you bust out a major jump on your mountain bike the momentum of your iPhone when you land puts a lot of leveraged force on the Adapter. Could it break? Maybe. But if you place the Adapter near the center of your case — like LifeProof recommends — it looks like the system will handle a lot of bumps.

Review: LifeProof LifeActiv Best Features

All in all, if you want just one of the LifeActiv mounts — like the Bike + Bar Mount — the QuickMount system will enable you to add to your collection when you realize how much you appreciate the overall quality and ease of use. The Suction Mount is an obvious fit for your windshield above the dash in your car — great for navigation — while the belt clip is sturdy and versatile enough to clip onto backpacks. The Multipurpose Mount can be mounted to any flat surface with the adhesive backing . . . or you can use two holes to screw it onto all sorts of other surfaces — or even the wall in your kitchen. For working out, LifeProof plans to release an armband, which means you won’t have to fight jamming your phone into your old-school armband pouch anymore.

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