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There are thousands of smartphone and tablet stands and mounts available today, so where do you start choosing which ones are worth your time and money? Personally, I tend to look first at products that were created by companies with brand names that they care about. Why? They take pride in their work. Sure, you’ll often pay a little more than a generic mount . . . but I’ve had far too many disappointing experiences with cheap accessories that sport product names that are just a string of optimized search terms.

Enter the new MagMount by Doc Artisan, which is a small accessory design shop in California. I first noticed Doc Artisan through their line of magnetized wallet cases for the iPhone, which boast smart craftsmanship with reasonable prices. So I’m already a Doc Artisan fan.

Meanwhile, what about the MagMount?

magmount review

The Doc Artisan MagMount can stick to the dash in your car, in addition to counters, glass, or desks. (So you noticed the charging cable, eh? That’s a TYLT RIBBN.)

MagMount Review

MagMount is the latest invention from Doc Artisan — basically a suction cup-based mount with a magnetic attachment point. At the time of this writing, it was launching through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to help cover the costs of production. Doc Artisan sent me a prototype to mess around with, so I’ve been putting it use around the house and in my pickup. The verdict?

I like it.

Quite a lot, actually. I’ll admit, I was dubious at first. I don’t mind laying my iPhone down on counters or leaving it somewhere in the console of my pickup, but it turns out, the raised magnetic mount is surprisingly handy.

First, let’s go to the kitchen. I have a pair of speakers near the sink, which I’ll connect to an iPod or my iPhone to listen to music while doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen. This is an established spot where I normally plug my iPhone in and leave it flat on the counter. With the MagMount stuck to the counter, all I have to do is plop my iPhone onto the magnetic back and adjust it to any orientation I like. Better yet, when I play iTunes Radio, I can now orient the iPhone so I can tell who’s playing a song with just an easy glance . . . or more easily skip forward to something more compelling.

The point is, I don’t need a MagMount for this spot, but I sure do like it now, which means I won’t be going back to the old way.

artisan magmount

Using your smartphone for navigation? The MagMount sticks to your windshield, of course.

A Word About Magnets

Doc Artisan’s line of wallet cases for the iPhone tend to use a slim case with a magnetic back that attaches to a folding leather wallet case. The design is fantastic, overall. If you’re already a Doc Artisan wallet case user, the MagMount is a must-have accessory because you’re already magnetized and ready to go.

If you don’t have a magnetic case, Doc Artisan includes a couple of thin metal magnetic sheets that you can attached to the back of your iPhone, smartphone, or tablet. One has a built-in adhesive backing while the other is simply painted metal. It is thin enough that you can likely slip it between your iPhone and your existing case and use it just fine.

I tried this technique with my TYLT Energi Sliding Power Case for iPhone 6 (4.7 stars) to good effect. Even with the slim metal plate slipped between my iPhone 6 and the protective case, I can still slide the protective case into the charging case. Of course, you could also use the adhesive backing on a more robust waterproof or rugged case, too.

Versatile and Surprisingly Satisfying

The magnetic plates make the MagMount versatile, but the slightly gooey, soft rubbery suction cup base can even adhere to some less-than-perfect textures, giving you lots of options for places to stick it. To make it stick, there’s a lever that activates the suction. For example, I was able to stick it at a less than vertical angle to my pickup’s slightly textured dash.

And the satisfying part? There’s something cool about how the old magnetic iPad covers click into place on iPads, the way MagSafe power adapters click into place on MacBooks, and how Doc Artisan magnetic wallet cases come together. When I drop my iPhone onto the magnetic face of the MagMount, I feel a tiny sense of satisfaction here too. I don’t know why, but I like it. My only guess is that after years of messing with latches that break, confuse, or require some measure of alignment, the utter ease — and sound — of magnets snapping together get the win time and time again.

Of course, you don’t have to use the MagMount in the kitchen, but if you have a charging area for your iPhone — by the bed or on your desk, the MagMount is handy. As for the car, it’s handy there, too — easy to adjust, easy to use.

As you might guess, the Indiegogo campaign includes magnetic iPhone cases as part of the crowd funding perks. Better yet, Doc Artisan already knows manufacturing, so this campaign has shipping dates estimated to hit in October — so you won’t have to wait long to get your own MagMount.

To learn more, check out the MagMount at Indiegogo or visit Doc Artisan direct.

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