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In the interest of not repeating myself too much, the Doc Artisan Sport Wallet Case for iPhone 6 is, quite simply, the best wallet case for iPhone 6 I’ve ever used, not to mention seen. There are other wallet cases out there, some of which are cheaper or more expensive, but I must say, the overall quality-to-cost ratio of the Doc Artisan wallet case line is compelling.

More to the point, you want to know about the Doc Artisan Sport Wallet Case for iPhone 6. This particular model from Doc Artisan has all the same great genuine leather and magnetic features of the regular Artisan Wallet Case, but it adds two features to make it even better for more active, on-the-go users.

First, it includes an elastic band that, in turn, also serves two purposes. First, with the case open, the band can rest over your credit cards and driver’s license so that it’s almost impossible to shake loose your cards no matter how clumsy or reckless you happen to be. Second, with the wallet case closed, the elastic band holds the cards in, holds your iPhone in, and holds the whole wallet shut. No flip floppery here.

artisan sport wallet case review

The Doc Artisan Sport Wallet Case for iPhone 6 uses built-in magnets and an extra slim case to keep it versatile.

And what’s the second “sport” feature? (Holy cow, you were paying attention.) The second feature is a cutout in the back leather flap to let the iPhone’s iSight camera take photos while your iPhone 6 is still connected to the wallet itself.

Review: Doc Artisan Sport Wallet Case for iPhone 6

In case you didn’t read my Artisan Wallet for iPhone 6 review, the Sport Wallet for iPhone 6 is built on the basic principle of a folding wallet and a separate slim leather iPhone 6 case that holds your iPhone and connects to the folding wallet through the placement of hidden magnets.

It works fantastic.

It has just the right amount of magnetism to be secure without being annoying. (And in case you’re wondering, the magnets don’t zap your credit cards. You’re fine.)

Meanwhile, what about cash and cards?

iphone 6 wallet case review

The Sport model includes an elastic band to keep cards tucked away during activity or clumsiness.

The Doc Artisan Sport Wallet Case for iPhone 6 has three card slots. The lowest slot has the familiar clear cover for displaying your driver’s license or identification, along with a thumb hole for slipping it out quickly for closer inspection by the authorities or overly discerning merchants. (Of course, part of the whole point of using Apple Pay on your iPhone is to avoid showing off your identity and signing things — which is why using Apple Pay rocks.)

Are there any other slots, say for cash? Yes. Underneath the three slots on the left side of the case there is a larger slot suitable for a bit of cash or an insurance card or a membership card to whatever it is you still need membership cards to.

One interesting thing about the Sport Case is that it’s a few millimeters smaller than the regular Wallet Case. So, it’s very slightly more pocketable. The key to the Sport Case, though, is if you want an elastic band or not . . . and if you want to be able to take photos with your iPhone 6 attached to the wallet portion of the case system.

Oh, one more thing: Doc Artisan includes a separately installable screen protector. Just saying. It’s handy if you don’t already have a screen protector installed.

sport wallet case review iphone

The Doc Artisan Sport model also includes a cutout so you can take photos without removing your iPhone from the main wallet portion.

All-in-all, the Doc Artisan Sport Wallet Case for iPhone 6 blends high-quality genuine leather with an ingenious magnetic design that lets you go light . . . or remove your iPhone 6 and go even lighter with the slim leather case. The whole thing just screams smart utility while also singing quality. Highly recommended.

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* Not convinced that the Sport Wallet Case is right for you? There are some polycarbonate alternatives if you’re a petroleum kind of person. Just saying, and no judgement here. Check out “15 Best Wallet Cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.”

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