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When summer rolls around and I start spending far more time out in the bright sun, I turn to the Power Support Anti-Glare Film Set screen protector. It’s what I have on my iPhone 6 now, and I’ve used Power Support Anti-Glare screen protectors on all of my previous iPhones — it’s that good.

Better yet, Power Support ships two screen protectors in the package. If you’re worried about the installation, you have a backup screen protector ready to use. And if you’re good at the installation, you’ve got an extra screen protector. I find the iPhone 6 a little harder to install on than smaller-screened iPhones, but the Power Support protector was one of the easiest I’ve tried lately.

Power Support Anti-Glare Screen Protector at Work

The Power Support Anti-Glare screen protector cuts glare from bright lights and sunshine, letting you see your iPhone screen well enough to use it, even on a sunny day. Of course, you’re working against the physics of light and materials, so it’s not perfect — you’re not going to want to watch Game of Thrones in full daylight, but you should be able to use your phone will relative ease. And relative is a key word here — with a tempered glass screen protector, I recently had a heckuva time framing a photo while outside. There was just too much glare. With the Power Support Anti-Glare protector installed, on the other hand, I rarely have this problem.

Plus, reflections from overhead lights and windows is far less annoying.

What about durability?

While I don’t believe the Power Support screen protector is the strongest option, it will certainly help protect your screen. More importantly to me, it’s thin. Why is this important? In the summer, I’m far more likely to wrap my iPhone in a rugged waterproof case like the LifeProof Fre (full review here). Waterproof cases have their own screen protectors built-in, of course, and having a thicker screen protector already on your phone can affect the fit — and I don’t keep my iPhone 6 in a waterproof case all the time, just when I head out on adventures. The Power Support Anti-Glare screen protector fits just a bit better, and I appreciate that.

Is an Anti-Glare Screen Protector the Best Choice?

If you’re troubled by overhead lighting, windows, or spend quality time outside, the anti-glare screen protectors from Power Support are a great choice. The downside is that your screen will seem slightly — and I mean slightly in a hard-to-detect way — less crisp than a perfectly clear screen protector. (BTW, Power Support also makes an excellent thin clear screen protector, the Power Support AFP Crystal Film Set.)

As for feel, the Power Support anti-glare protectors feel fantastic — and fingerprint smudges are greatly reduced, too. However, I must admit, I do prefer the feel of glass (but I dislike the thickness of real glass screen protectors). So, there are some tradeoffs.

One last thing: Don’t trust the user reviews on the online stores. Most of the reviews have been dragged down by early reviewers who believed that iPhone 6 and 6 Plus screen protectors were too small because they didn’t completely cover the rounded edges of their screens — no screen protectors do because it’s damn near impossible to create a protector to perfectly fit the rounded edges at a price anyone would be willing to pay.

The Power Support Anti-Glare Film Set screen protectors are made in Japan . . . and they fit.

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