While it’s nice to have an Apple employee install a screen protector on your iPhone 6 inside of an Apple store — they’ve had plenty of practice — you can’t always get to an Apple Store easily . . . and sometimes you just don’t want to fight the crowds. In this situation, you might need to install your own screen protector, which is ripe with challenge and error.

Enter the TYLT ALĪN Screen Protectors 4-Pack for iPhone 6. By shipping four screen protectors in the box, TYLT not only offers up a solution that’s capable of screen protecting a family of iPhones, it also gives you some room for error — if you make a mistake or get a dust speck under your screen protector, you can immediately try again with no extra out-of-pocket cost.

How the TYLT ALĪN Screen Protectors Work

Still, there is the pesky job of alignment. It’s hard to get a screen protector lined up so that the cutouts for the home button and ear speaker are positioned correctly. And if non-parallel lines bug you to no end, getting a screen protector installed almost perfectly is irritating to say the least.

To help, TYLT includes an alignment tool, which is basically a frame that you slip your naked iPhone into before installing the screen protector. The TYLT solution perfectly lined up my first screen protector installation, resulting in excellent spacing around the Home button and the perimeter.

The top cutout for the FaceTime camera and speaker fit, too, but I noticed that the right edge of the screen protector was lined up on the exact right edge of the speaker hole itself. The fit did not impede the speaker in any way, but personally, I would have preferred a small bit of extra space just for looks. (Yeah, I can get a bit uptight about such things.)

As for bubbles, TYLT includes a little cardboard card that you can use to squish out the bubbles, as well as a cleaning cloth to use before you even start the installation.

Of course, because the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have curved glass screens at the very edge, screen protectors only cover the flat portion of your screen, leaving the very edges exposed. Because of this, I recommend a good iPhone 6 case or iPhone 6 Plus case that includes a raised edge to help protect the edges.

Overall, the look and feel is great — a solid and smooth screen protector you can safely manage to install yourself. Plus, if you plan to spend a lot of time out in the sun this summer, having an anti-glare option might come in handy.

Get the Gear:

TYLT ALĪN Glass Screen Protector 4 Pack for iPhone 6



  • Pack contains 4 protectors
  • Alignment tool included
  • Anti-Glare option


  • No real cons
Ease of Installation

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