The OtterBox Resurgence Power Case for iPhone 6 blends the convenience of a battery case with the protection of an OtterBox case — perfect for on-the-go iPhone 6 adventurers.

Let’s talk about the battery first. The 2,600 mAh battery will provide twice the battery life that’s in your iPhone 6 now — basically, there’s enough to give you a full charge from the case. To charge your iPhone, you have a couple of choices:

If you use the included micro USB cable and plug it into a USB charging plug or computer, your iPhone 6 will start charging. Once the iPhone 6 is fully charged, the OtterBox Resurgence Power Case will start charging next — so the priority charge, when plugged in, goes to your iPhone first.

When you’re off the grid and want to charge your iPhone 6, simply press a slightly recessed button on the back of the case and your iPhone 6 will start charging. It will automatically stop charging once your iPhone reaches a 100% charge. Or you can push the button again and turn off charging at any time.

If you’re wondering how much charge is left in the Resurgence case, a button press will light up four LED lights that indicate your available charge in 25% increments.

It’s all pretty simple.

What about syncing? You can use wired or wireless syncing — the micro USB and case acts just like a naked iPhone when you plug it into your computer for syncing and backups.

OtterBox Resurgence Case Protection

otterbox resurgence case

Two halves of the OtterBox Resurgence snap together to form a rigid case.

The OtterBox Resurgence Case uses a tough fiberglass-filled polycarbonate material along with a high-density foam inner core that’s layered between the rear of the iPhone 6 and the battery portion of the case.

Perhaps more importantly, the case includes a raised bezel that helps protect the front rounded-glass edges of your iPhone 6. It’s also good for when you want to lay your iPhone 6 face down — the glass won’t be touching the surface, just the edges. (And since edges are weak points in any glass, I like to protect the edges.)

Interestingly, the micro USB charging port gets a protective rubber flap cover — good for those with too much pocket lint or dirty environments.

The entire unit comes together in a relatively seamless but robust case — it boasts military-rated drop protection (MIL STD 810G-516.6). I wouldn’t trust it as much as a more fully ruggedized case, but if battery is your priority, the OtterBox Resurgence is a good compromise between extra battery and protection.

In addition, the case is designed to give you room to install a separate screen protector — you could use one of OtterBox’s Alpha Glass Screen Protectors . . . or another good protector because it should fit just fine.

The only downside to the OtterBox Resurgence Case for iPhone 6 is that the headphone port gets turned into a tunnel that sometimes requires the included headphone extension cord. If you just leave this extension cord on your headphones like I do, it’s not a problem at all.

Can you take the Resurgence case on and off easily?

Yes and no. While you don’t need a coin to pry open the case like many other designs, you’ve got to pay attention while you do it or you might break the top ring portion of the case. Have I? Nope. But if I tried to do it under the influence of a few margaritas, I would not be confident of the outcome. Basically, this is a battery case that you should plan to install and then mostly leave on.

All-in-all, the OtterBox Resurgence Case for iPhone 6 brings you a battery boost through a case that has some of the rugged OtterBox reputation built right in, making it perfect for active, on-the-go people who put their iPhones to work and hate to be tethered to the grid. Oh, one more thing: It’s priced a bit higher than some of the competition, but that’s where you have to decide if the rugged construction is worth it to you.

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  • 2600 mAh battery gives you a full recharge
  • Ruggedized construction
  • Raised bezel helps protect screen edges


  • Priced a bit higher than competition
Battery power
Fit and finish
Cost-to-Value Ratio
Weight and profile

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